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Calculate Federal Taxes 2018 - 2019

Free Online Tax CalculatorsBoy do we have a great tax tool for you! As tax season creeps up on us there may be many questions swirling around in your head, but, probably the most prominent question may be "where do I stand with the big man Uncle Sam".

Well there is nothing like an easy to use tax tool that you can calculate federal taxes with online in minutes to take some of that stress away and help with online federal tax filing.

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TurboTax Online Tax PreparationHow to Calculate Federal Taxes on Gross Income

Gross Income  Vs. Taxable Income

How to Calculate your Net Income from Gross Income

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on behalf of the federal government, requires employers in the United States to withhold Federal Income Taxes, Social Security Taxes, and Medicare Taxes from employee wages.

H&R Block Online Tax FilingIn general, employers are mandated to withhold taxes on an employee's earnings before any other deductions are taken out. These paycheck earnings prior to withholdings being taken out are considered to be gross pay or income.

Each taxation on the gross income requires a different calculation to determine how much is withheld for each required taxation charge. The three main federal tax withholdings are as follows.

Social Security Tax

The Federal Social Security Tax rate is calculated at 4.2 percent of all gross pay prior  to any other taxes being subtracted.

Medicare Tax

Medicare Tax is taxed at 1.45 percent of all gross pay. It is required for employers to Withhold Medicare Tax from all wages paid to the employee for the year.

Federal Income Tax

The employer is responsible to Calculate Federal Income Tax according to each employee's W-4 data and IRS Circular E's tax withholding tables. The employee's filing status can be found on line 3 of their W-4 form and allowances are found on line 5.

Use the Circular E tax withholding table, plus the employee's gross wages and pay period for proper calculations.